A recent study revealed that 63% of executives report finding little time to complete high priority tasks due to the demands of nonessential tasks or handling employee challenges.

supplier diversity exec pageIn today’s workplace organizations expect their staff to do more with less. This is especially true in Supplier Diversity where many are working with a small staff charged with a tremendous amount of responsibility.

In order for Supplier Diversity programs to be successful it must be rooted in sound internal operations and strong leadership. The solution extends beyond effective time management and requires a top-down approach beginning with the executive.

Our Supplier Diversity Executive Coaching Program provides you with the tools to improve your individual leadership skills so you can enhance the performance of your supplier diversity operations and initiatives. As a result you will be equipped to empower your team and organization to become one that creates a high-performing, sustainable culture built on strong leadership.



The Benefits:

  • Avoid being replaced by a program buyer if budget crunch occurs
  • Develop clear, measurable value proposition for your supplier diversity program
  • Control your time and decrease interruptions
  • Focus on essential activities that directly improve the bottom line
  • Improve your overall effectiveness and impact on your organization
  • Cultivate a work/life balance that improves effectiveness at work 

Our Approach:

  1. Begin with standardized assessments to better understand yourself, how you work, how you lead others, and how others perceive you
  2. Set a vision for your career and goals to help you achieve your vision
  3. Continue with structured coaching sessions to improve systems, processes and strategies, and to enhance communication, leadership skills and overall capabilities.
  4. End with a detailed action plan to ensure progress is made toward established goals.
  5. Follow up with ongoing accountability to provide implementation assistance and guarantee desired results are achieved.

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“The tools and insights I received during my coaching sessions have strengthened my self-awareness and ability to function as a more effective leader. My team and I also are working as a stronger unit. It was a great investment of time and money.” ~Catresa J.