A Supplier Diversity program is only as strong as the strength of its suppliers and the relationship the organization has with those suppliers.

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Shayna’s Supplier Diversity Consulting and Supplier Development Programs empowers her corporate clients  to be recognized as a leader and authority in supplier diversity and a model corporate citizen in the communities they serve.




Supplier Development Programs
Most Supplier Diversity programs are committed to supplier development but that is not your core business. Simply put—supplier performance IS our business!

Shayna Rattler is a  leader in minority business development enabling her to increase the capacity and capabilities of your current and potential suppliers. She has helped thousands of business owners sharpen their business skills; enhance delivery, quality and service; and compete more effectively in the corporate marketplace.

Shayna’s MWBE coaching and training services and live events helps them navigate the procurement process, improve their internal operations, understand the needs of supplier diversity, and avoid the most common pitfalls and challenges supplier diversity professionals report. This ensures they are fully equipped to meet the demands of your supplier diversity program.

The Benefits:
Supplier participation in Shayna’s programs provides you with  strong, reliable suppliers and gives you access to a pipeline of great talent to meet your diversity requirements and commitments.

How Shayna Can Help:

  • Assist you in creating a powerful supplier development program
  • Improve your current supplier development program
  • Customize a specific program for your current or potential suppliers
  • Provide an opportunity for you to sponsor or co-sponsor your supplier’s participation in one of her existing programs or live events.

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Supplier Relationship Management Consulting
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a value proposition that creates closer, more collaborative relationships and interaction with diverse suppliers in order to uncover and realize new value and reduce risk. It necessitates a consistency of approach and a defined set of behaviors that foster trust and improved quality over time.

Effective SRM requires not only institutionalizing new ways of collaborating with suppliers but also actively dismantling existing policies that can impede collaboration and limit the potential value that can be derived from supplier relationships.

Developing a system of metrics for measuring performance of a SRM program is critical to success. It is often helpful to have an objective third-party obtain feedback from your suppliers in order to improve policies that foster successful engagements.  It also vitally important to include supplier development in your SRM strategy.

Shayna brings an experienced supplier perspective to drive improvements that enhance the initiatives of your overall program.

How Shayna Can Help:

Her SRM consulting service is delivered in 3 phases based on a 5-point framework that includes industry best practices and benchmarks. It includes:

  1.  Obtaining objective, anonymous feedback from your current suppliers
  2. Assessing your current policies and procedures and meeting with key team members to measure overall effectiveness and set goals
  3. Making recommendations to improve engagements with suppliers based on findings of supplier and internal feedback
  4. Assisting in developing metrics, developing new procedures and amending current procedures
  5. Consulting with and training suppliers to establish reciprocal processes and behaviors
  6. Assistance with implementation to ensure goals are achieved and progress continues

The Benefits:

  • Improved supplier relations
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Set a positive tone for change management
  • Reduction in efforts, disruptions in supply chain, and cost
  • Improved customer service

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