Having a clear diversity and inclusion strategy is critical when working with diverse suppliers and serving diverse customers effectively.

diversity training pageIt is less about just “doing the right thing” and more about creating a climate where everyone’s qualities and talents are leveraged in a way that propels the organization closer to their business goals.

At Supplier Diversity Academy you will not find “off-the-shelf” training programs where participants simply “check the box” that they have attended and quickly revert back to their previous behaviors shortly after the training has ended. Our Certified D&I Facilitators enthusiastically engage participants to both emotionally identify with the intended message and rationalize the need to alter behaviors and modify strategies that advocate diversity in the workplace.

Our D&I training provides tangible strategies (rather than theoretical solutions), but then follows up with regular reinforcement that provides solutions in real time, holds participants accountable for intended outcomes, and offers constant reinforcement.



The Benefits:

  • Improved employee performance and morale
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Reduced harassment incidences and discrimination lawsuits
  • Increased productivity

Our Services May Include:

  1. Assessments of participants, HR and/or management to identify organization culture
  2. Goal setting to create a shared vision of desired outcomes
  3. Facilitated workshops that deliver inspiration and clear action steps that produce results
  4. Ongoing accountability that ensures continued momentum and maximum return on investment

Our content-rich training are customized to your specific needs.

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